Making Ramen

As you probably know, I love to cook and eat!

I have never been a fan of ramen noodles - we know then as the little block of dried noodles with a flavor pack, just add hot water and eat.... NO.

So here I am in Japan, home of ramen noodles and come to find out it is nearly impossible to find a bowl I will eat. Traditionally the stock for the soup base is made from meat and the rich flavor is a result of the marrow!

So excited when I got invited to a vegan ramen joint which was located inside the Tokyo Station!

So know of course I need to know how to make this delicious stuff - and ventured off to find a class.VEGAN RAMEN NOODLES!

First off we made a dashi stock, which is typically made from meat, we did a vegan version

made from mushrooms and kombu (seaweed) soaked and boiled and then later boiled in onions and garlic and spices. All solids removed to make a golden stock.

Then started noodles, flour and saltwater mixed until a crumble which was left to rest in a bag

in which in the crumble transformed into a dough. The dough than had to be needed 10 times with full body weight, so using the foot, yes, stepping on the bagged dough with the foot! to flatten, then rolling it up into "buritto", then flattening again, ...10 times...

then resting, folding, forming a ball and finally rolling it out to a round flat sheet

ready for cutting

then they are HAND CUT noodles nested by twisting... pretty professional...right???

then they get boiled and chilled

now it all get put together

dashi broth is mixed with soy milk

bowls are swished with 2 types of miso

both and noodles are added, toppings cooked peppers, mushrooms, crispy onions, crispy garlic, red pepper oil and crushed sesame seeds.


You can learn more about ramen here!


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