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Back in London for a few days now and I must say I am a bit obsessed about my trip to Japan. What an amazing country. It was lots to process in a short time. Tokyo was so sprawling and hard to figure out, although there were little pocket neighborhoods that are quiet and manageable. The food, although nearly impossible to find vegetarian, no less vegan, was delicious. BONITO (dried fish flakes) is in most everything! Presentation was well though out. I am fascinated with the Japanese (cute) aesthetic! Anyway, more pictures of buildings and food.

Spring in full swing, one of many sidewalk container gardens

Space is at a premium, never have I seen such narrow buildings...

Cept this one , the most narrow, I would say about 6' wide!

This the result of one cooking classes, a modified okakodon (their was chicken and onion, mine was tofu and green onion) over rice. kumbuchi soup with white miso, lotus root "sandwich" with salted sansho peppers, cabbage pickle, green salad with sesame and wasabi dressing!

we grated fresh wasabi with a wasabi grater, which is covered with shark skin, who knew!

ramen noodles from ramen class

Japanese breakfast in Kyoto

And daily dessert buffet: strawberries and cats??????

This was a daily dessert buffet called Strawberries and cats!??

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