Yayoi Kusama Museum

Got the chance to book advance tickets to the Yayoi Kusama Museum which was amazing. I have been teaching her work to my students for years!

She is the master of dots! This was the first work I had seen of her!

The museum, in a quiet Tokyo neighborhood ,is a very slick new round structure run by her foundation.

The mission of the space is to share her message of world peace and love for humanity and to familiarize people with contemporary art.

Yayoi , Japanese born in 1929. She experienced visual and auditory hallucinations and began creating net and polka dot patterned pictures. She move to NYC in the 50's and began making work and installations and organizing "happenings". She discovered an artistic philosophy of self annihilation via the obsessive repetition and multiplication of single motifs

The museum is gorgeous and round in shape with stairs wrapping the 3 gallery floors the top is open air where her beautiful stainless pumpkin lives.

In 1977 she was committed to a psychiatric hospital and has been living there ever since. Although it is believed she entered voluntarily she has stated in multiple interviews that this was not the case. She is allowed to work on her art at a studio across the street and writes novels in her room at the hospital at night.

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