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August 6, 2019

I'm back!!! (did my first post on Basel in December 2018, this time a summer visit!)

Basel's position astride the mighty Rhine has contributed to its growth as a key trade and transport hub, storybook architecture and the cleanest city ever!

One of the attractions of the summer visit was to ride the Rhine. You enter in between the  bridges and let the current take you downriver as the locals do, and ride the river!  The colourful Wickelfisch – a swim bag in the shape of a fish which was invented in Basel – is suppose keep your clothes dry if you fold it correctly, unlike how I do it!



 The current is gentle and it you cannot tell you are actually moving, unless you use visual markers on the shore. The float time is about 30 minutes, maybe a mile in distance!

Here is a video of what its actually like:

There is loads of money in Basel due to pharmaceutical industry – which is the main support of the art and architecture and the world-famous ART Basel festival and the city's wealth of galleries, museums and iconic buildings.

I went to Fondation Beyeler collection today, an oasis of amazing modern art work, my favorites today were the Matisse abstract cut outs!


In the basement space of the Fondation Beyeler, I wondered upon the  Lousie Bourgeois "imsonia drawings"!

French-American artist Louise Bourgeois (1911 Paris – 2010 New York) was accompanied by frequent bouts of insomnia. However, in her long waking nights she was also highly productive, so that sleeplessness became an important part of her work as an artist. Between November 1994 and June 1995 she created a series of 220 sheets with drawings, sketches and poetic annotations: the Insomnia Drawings At night, and during the daytime, too, Bourgeois drew and wrote on various types of paper that she kept by her bed.










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