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November 14, 2018

How time flys! Whirlwind October and hello November!

I had mid term break (loving that about the UK education system)

I made a one week visit to Rhode Island to check on things, buy some items not so easy to get in London.

Holiday decorations out before even Halloween, but you all know that already. London is just gearing up with decorations and Christmas party chatter.

 Had a few fun breakfasts with sister Kathy, mostly pancakes and waffles!



 Family fall picnic at Wallum Lake!


then on to a crazy few days in Dublin to hang out with Val and see some of her friends.



 and then continued back to London.

Back in the swing of things here. Teaching Mondays at Workshop 305 and North Bridge Senior School on Thursdays and Fridays. The image of the Queen is from a graffiti alley off of Brick Lane. (It seems the Charles is taking over some of her "duties" so something may be in the works! )

But, more importantly, what have I been cooking and eating?

peanut brittle



 Punterelle, bitter green i discovered at the farmers market

 Punterelle heart

fish market, took a pic, didnt buy!

 Moms cranberry sauce, cranberries NOT easy to get over here!


 Romanesco, had this in Ireland










 Saturday walk at Hampstead Heath! Fall has arrived!



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